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authors note: Hehehe this is my first x reader so it might not be as good. I'm sorry if there are any spelling errors. I hope you enjoy.

Beep, Beep, Beep.

 The heart monitor was tracking your pulse, making sure to notify anyone that you were still alive. Wires were tangled all around you, trying there best to keep your frail heart pumping. Beside you was the man known as Ludwig Beilschmidt, or better yet your husband. Ludwig had been there almost all day with you, holding your hand, hoping that you would at least flinch.

You had gotten into a serious wreck on the highway and miraculously, you had survived but were left in a coma. When Ludwig had received word he had left the world meeting early with his brother Gilbert following. He hasn't said a word since he arrived, leaving his brother worried. Sure he had always joked with his younger brother, but seeing him just so... so broken, he could understand the sorrow that was in the room with them.

"West, I think we should be going now...unless you want to stay all night." Gilbert said. "Nein, ___ doesn't like to be alone." Ludwig bluntly stated, as if you were perfectly fine. Gibert sighed. He knew how much Ludwig loved you. When you two first met, he fell for you. hard. Gilbert thought it was funny how much Ludwig wrote about you in his diary journal and how whenever you were invited over by your mutual friend Feliciano, he would be distracted by you. And as it turned out, you had felt the same. Its been almost four years since Ludwig had finally confessed his love for you.You two were pretty much the perfect couple. And now, now Gilbert could tell how lonely his baby brother really was without you. It was obvious that he thought of you more than a girlfriend, he was sure that you were his soul mate.

While Gilbert was thinking in his own head, Ludwig was staring at you. You had bruises and stitches covering your body . He could feel his heart shattering into peices as he saw you like this. However, he hadn't shed a single tear. He knew you wouldn't like it if he cried. You had to wake up eventually, you just had to.


Its been two weeks since you were put into the coma. You still hadn't woken up. Your hospital room was decorated with gifts and flowers from a lot of the different countries. Ludwig had barely spoken to them, but they knew he was hurting in the inside. Even Feliciano had learned to keep quiet.
Eventually the hospital had to ask Ludwig to leave after one or two days, but he came in every day during visiting hours to see you. Outside of that hospital however, Ludwig wasn't himself. He had began to train by himself and he wouldn't take control of the meetings anymore. He just sat there thinking of you and your stunning smile that had always brightened his day. How easily you made him laugh with your corny jokes. How adorable you were when you fell asleep in his arms. Your coma was killing him in the inside.


It has been a month and a half without you. The doctors at the hospital had talked to Gilbert about the last thing he wanted to be brought up. The plug. Gilbert was smart enough to know how slim the chances were when it came to waking up from a coma, but when it came to you, the very essence of his younger brothers happiness, he couldn't just take that away. Gibert decided it would be best to talk about it with Ludwig.


Ludwig was attempting to finish the amount of paperwork that had piled up from his absence. But every time he slightly looked up from all the meaningless information, he caught a glimpse of the picture he had kept on his desk. A sad smile appeared on his face. He didn't want to loose you. You were his love, no, you were his life.

A knock at the door had interrupted his thoughts. With a grumble he got up and answered the door, only to find Gilbert there with a sympathetic look written across his face."Hey west, how ya holding up." he asked, not sure about bringing up the dreadful news. "I've been better, come in." Ludwig responded.

Gilbert could tell how much this was affecting Ludwig. His striking blue eyes were almost dull and lifeless. His hair was surprisingly not gelled back like how he usually fashioned it. It was impossible to not notice this while being in the same room with him. It was nearly maddening. Gilbert sighed, He didn't know any other way to tell him this, so he made a split-second decision to just lay it out.

"W-west something...came up" Gilbert began, trying his best to look into his little brother eyes without failing. " Its about _-___, she-" Gibert was interrupted by Ludwig, who now had a smile on his face "Did she wake up! Is she finally awake!" Ludwig chirped like a small child. Gilbert was at a lost for words, he had never seen his brother like this over anything. Then again, you did create a lot of firsts for Ludwig. Ludwig got closer with his eyes wide and an oblivious grin that could compare to Felicianos. "Nein, bruder, its not that...I-i'm sorry, but we think we might have to..."
Gilbert looked away, not being able to finish his sentence. "...we might have to pull the plug"


Ludwig's body tensed up at those last words. The feeling of anger began to fire up throughout his body, boiling his blood, blurring his thoughts. Suddenly Ludwig grabbed his brother by his shirt and lifted him up."NEIN, IM NOT LETTING MY LITTLE LEIBE DIE LIKE THAT!" He barked. Gilbert felt threatened but resisted to fight back, his little brother had some venting to do. Ludwig grabbed him again and pounded him against a wall. "I CAN'T JUST GIVE UP ON HER BRUDER, YOU KNOW THAT!" angry tears began to prick the corners of his eyes, blurring his vision. He dropped Gilbert and fell on his knees and began to sob his heart out. Gilbert sat beside Ludwig, patting his back. This was the first time that Ludwig had cried ever since that verdammt car crash.

For one moment Ludwig looked up at his brother with puffy red eyes. " She will wake up, I can feel it"


Ludwig had denied the plug. The doctors had tried to explain to him how the chances of you waking up were nearly non-existent, but Ludwig's stubborn love for you was stopping him from making such a decision. He loved you more than anyone could ever imagine. The very moment his eyes met your (e/c) orbs, he could never stop thinking about you. You had plagued his mind and now you were never going away.

As usual, Ludwig was with you again. Holding your cute little hand, not loosing hope. He closed his eyes and remembered the days when you were by his side. How much fun you had together! Not to mention how adorable you were. He gave a faint smile and put your delicate hand on his cheek. Tears formed once again, and began to stream down his cheeks."____, you have done so much for me, Danke, but right now do me a favor,wake up..."


"wake up.." you heard it echo throughout your mind.The voice sounded so familiar. You felt like you couldn't move most of your body. You eyelids were heavy and were nearly impossible to open up all the way. However, you felt something in your hand. And it had water trickling down it. You rubbed your thumb on it, trying to figure out what it was. You tried to open your eyes again, curious of your surroundings. You could just barely squint, but eventually you could make out the figure by your bedside. "L-luddy?"

Ludwig was pulled out of his thoughts by a timid voice. He opened his eyes, only to see two beautiful (e/c) eyes starring back at him. The warm feeling of pure happiness rushed through his veins, pumping his heart to maximum speed. "_-___!" He exclaimed. He hugged you tightly. He was just so glad, so glad that you were back. That you were by his side again. He pecked your head with loving kisses."I missed you so much leibe!"
He pulled back to see your gorgeous face again."Ich leibe dich..."

You chuckled, you had no idea what was going on but to wake up to this, It was adorable. "I love you too, luddy..."


Ludwig had never been happier. He was almost constantly smiling, which is very strange for Ludwig. Today he was planning to take you to the world meeting so the other would get to see that you had finally awoken. You were getting dressed when all of a sudden Ludwig came up from behind and hugged you. "Your so pretty ___" He bubbled. He hasn't stopped talking to you like that for days! You giggled lightly and turned around and kissed him.
"Come on Luddy, we're gonna be late" you chided, booping his nose. He hummed in agreement, showcasing yet another smile.


"Feli, your crushing me!" you yelped. The redhead italian was glomping you way to tightly. "BELLA IS OK~" he said with glee before your overprotective boyfriend pried him off of you. "We're glad your back, love." chattered Arthur, offering you tea. "YEAH WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!" bellowed your hyper friend Alfred."YOU BLOODY IDIOT, THAT'S PROBABLY THE LAST THING SHE WANTS TO HEAR!"

Arthur then proceeded to chase Alfred around the room. You were glad that you didn't leave all this behind. Sure they were idiots but they were your idiots. "Hey frau..." Gilbert greeted. "Oh hi Gilbert!" you chirped, happy to see your good friend. However he didn't seem his jokey self. He gave you a faint smile and put a hand on your shoulder. " Try not to do that again, I know you were to busy sleeping to see it but, West really was a broken man without you, he needs you." You sighed. You couldn't imagine it without feeling glum. "I'll try my best."


You all had somewhat of a small party during that meeting. Surprisingly, Ludwig didn't seem to mind this time. Everyone danced and played games. You and Ludwig even got some well deserved alone time whenever Gibert and his friends, Francis and Antonio, Freakin threw you two into the broom closet. Everybody had went home, so it was just the two of you again. Unfortunately, you had fallen asleep in Ludwig's lap. He obviously didn't mind though. He loved having you in his arms like this, especially whenever you were nuzzle your face against him even more. He stood up, carrying you bridal style. "Danke, ____ , Ich leibe dich..."

The End


Germany xComatose!Reader- Wake TheFinalMarch

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2014 TheFinalMarch
oh golly this is terrible No, I disagree!

please tell me what you think! I worked really hard on this but i honestly just hope that you guys like it.
like i said its my first x reader so-

Germany belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
story belongs to me :3
and you belong to Germany

Edit: OMG THANK ALL OF YOU SO MUCH. no but seriously i appreciate all the favs! i really hope that i thanked ALL of you and didn't miss any one.
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Is Ludwig boyfriend or husband :-? Sweating a little...  Because you used both of these terms and i`m confused :worry:
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My feels died and were revived in this beautiful story. I love it it made me cry just a little
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Aw so cute
Gilberty Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Actually it means: 'Ich liebe dich' and not 'Ich leibe dich'

But a very gut story

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